Relational Trauma Repair Sociometrics RTR-Sociometrics




Feel free to follow our organizational account to connect with fellow therapists. This platform serves as a space for sharing experiences, discussing how you implement RTR-S, exchanging tips, and gaining inspiration from both personal and professional insights. Given RTR-S's adaptability to any group, your ideas can contribute to our collective growth and the widespread dissemination of healing. We're excited to embark on this journey together! Welcome to the certificate program for Relational Trauma Repair-Sociometrics

We are honored that you would like to join the RTR-S community, which is dedicated to bringing transformative, relational healing to as many groups in as many venues as possible. Welcome aboard, we’re so glad that you are here.

Our mission at RTR-S is to bring safe and transformative experiential, embodied healing to as many people as possible. To this end, RTR-S provides meaningful, relationally reparative, psycho-educational experiences to groups of all sizes. RTR-S can be adapted to suit the needs of any age group, gender, culture or race. RTR-S is designed to tap into the healing potential of connection and co-regulation inherent in groups gathered with the shared intention to heal.